Pregnancies are challenging and a fragile state for both, the mother as well as the fetus. Though usually, the baby and the mother both are healthy, there still are cases with chances of the high risk of any miss happening. With so much advancement in medical science in recent years, the prenatal checkup or screening of such a condition has
become possible. Although, the screening process facility is available in many hospitals, choosing the right place for Screening for high risk pregnancy in Jaipur is what makes both the lives safe.

Shreeansh Fetal Care Center is one of the well-recognized places where the service of Screening for High Risk Pregnancy in Jaipur is done with the best care measures. The screening and diagnostic testing for birth defects are performed at the prenatal stage.

Symptoms of High Risk Pregnancy

Screening for High Risk Pregnancy in Jaipur

However, no pregnancy is pain-free and relaxed; there still is the difference in the typical pregnancy and high risked pregnancy. In the high-risk pregnancy, the condition is severe and generally lasts longer than the normal one. Screening for High Risk Pregnancy in Jaipur may sound a bit worrisome but with our great team of expert doctors, completely focused to give patient 100% care and freedom from their pain; it gets much easier and better for both the child and the mother, and the family. During a high-risk pregnancy, a mother goes through

  • Cramping and Torturous pain in lower abdomen
  • Changes in a fetal moment
  •  Blurred vision
  • Burning sensations while urinating
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Yeast infection like vaginal discharge

Our medical care team and the medical professionals are experts in the prenatal care and understand the most beautiful phase of a woman’s life. We make sure to give our best support to the mother and the baby and this is why we give the best facilities of Screening for High-Risk Pregnancy in Jaipur to make the most crucial and fragile phase of life safe and healthy.

Our Tests included in Screening for High Risk Pregnancy.

  • First-trimester screening – done for early prediction of baby’s risk of having chromosomal abnormalities, anatomical malformations, growth problems, etc.
  • Blood test; to measure levels of two pregnancy-specific substances in the mother’s blood.
  • Preeclampsia screening; done to know the status of blood flow to the uterus.
  • Preterm screening; cervical length measurement to assess the risk of having the preterm delivery.
  • Neural tube defect screening – diagnosis of Spina bifida.

This is the reason that makes us the best and the most preferred maternity care for Screening for High Risk Pregnancy in Jaipur. Come to us with all your doubts and fears and we promise to give you the
best results and care for the mother and the child.



  1. i recommend to visit once there, according to me they provide good facilities of Screening for High-Risk Pregnancy in Jaipur

    1. Hi pooja,
      first, thanx for ur query. I would say that always ask your doctor about your concerns whenever you visit. But I tell you some symptoms do need swift attention.
      1. Baby’s Activity Level Significantly Declines
      2. Contractions Early in the Third Trimester
      3. Bleeding
      4. Severe Nausea and Vomiting
      5. A Persistent Severe Headache,
      6. Abdominal Pain, Swelling During Your Third Trimester
      7. Flu Symptoms

      And it’s very important for pregnant women to get the flu vaccine.

  2. Screening for High Risk Pregnancy may sound a bit worrisome but this fetal medicine centre completely focused to give patient 100% care.

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